Other Arts Life

Every artist needs an arsenal of tools to work with… here is a sampling of some artistic adventures when I’m not choreographing, writing, acting, or dancing!

Teaching / Workshops
University of Calgary – Sessional Instructor Movement 2015
Rosebud School of the Arts – Sessional Instructor Movement 2014
Rocky Mountain College – Guest Instructor Movement 2014
Quest Theatre – Artist in Residence 2009-present
Trickster Theatre – Artist in Residence 2010-present
Arts Commons – Independant Contractor Physical Theatre
Imagination in Motion – Independant Workshop series (U of C, Good Women, NEXGENdance)

Dance DramaturgeĀ 
Outside Eye Consultant – Dancers’ Studio West (ongoing)
Outside Eye – Dance Montage 2015 (2 works)
Outside Eye – Alberta Dance Festival 2014-2015 (4 works)
Outside Eye – Cross Fertilization DSW/Pulse 2015

Baby Clown with John Turner
The House Project – Swallow a Bicycle

Stage Manager
White Noise – a multi-disciplinary stage play by Devon Dubnyk
Cross Currents 2015 – collaboration of dance artists
Fully Functional – Inside Out Theatre / MoMo Dance Theatre
ProArts@Noon – MoMo Dance Theatre
Body Language – MoMo Dance Theatre

Taryn and the Little Yohos – Guitar / Vocals

Sound Engineer

Graphic Design


Stilt Performer

Human Statue